Take this key not of brass or silver.  Unsteady and anxious braced for you to shove it deep into my chest unlocking that rush of life and love that has been entombed inside. Drink from this hidden pool, I hear it heals while bleeding dry from the other side. Don’t fret once you have gained your strength and waded from the muddled banks I shall retreat once again. Held back from the rest of the users and abusers patiently waiting for your thirst.

Last drop falls to the floor
The essence of a sad life
Hanging rusted from the door
The beginning of another strife

Daring of you to enquire
Already bruised from prode and poke
But what does she inspire
A belted throat to choke

Found curious without a cause
Pressed against the dark
Another slave to your gag clause
A beautiful body found in the park

Said I would like to get to know you better, 
Knowing your silly antics only makes me wetter
Asked would I ever write one for you,
Its about that time so surprise boo

Excuses started rolling off your tongue
Guess you had me confused for sprung
Really didn’t take long to catch on
So thank my other nigga, enchiladas are gone

You really went from dymn can I get a peek
To damnnn my bad I fell asleep
Nah you can keep the whole lot of thats
Nike hood shit is for the rats

Not the bishops wife, too Julie to notice
I wasn’t the one and won’t come closest
Chick might come off a little foul
Lets see how I can get that smile

Ill stay focused on engineering club
Unlike your Tuesday special Half sub
She and I will never be the same
To busy and clever for another lame

I don’t give a fuck about another hoe
you got a story that’s cool bro I gotta go
Ariana grinding say thank you next
Just playing bae you know what complex

Kim can go kick it with eminems
He’s about to find out what bdsm is
Crawl over here and feed me gushers
And cheers to the funny motherfuckers .

Left hot to the touch
Following that bricked path to get happy
That’s what you always dreamt of
To find a burning love tucked away
Yet perched on a high and mighty
Building up to a kingdom of Bathory
Takes more to break down that wall
A rising anticipation again
Held back waiting for the melt
Then getting lost in cloud after cloud
Never counting, you just leapt over
Unaware of how long the fall
Only expecting my open arms to be there
Forget the cracking sounds of porcelain
Shattering truths finally opened the door
Please, please walk out.

“Wash your sins away in the tide
It’s all so peaceful on the other side” -Judy Garland

It must be nights edge that gives me this sharpened pain. Counting down the minutes until rays shine through the curtains that have served as my protectant from the dark eerie that lurks. Until now the thoughts have stayed at bay uncertain if my psyche is capable of being penetrated. How would I go about if these silent terrors became the slightest bit audible? I reach for the closest tangible figure which seems to grace the tips of my fingers. Just for a moment the object of affection gave a sense that I could actually do something. Anything real. Focus wonders from the object to my hand itself. Long and narrow with a weakened grasp it lets me down. Never imagined sliding away into my only desire would take this much effort. Hearing the echo of the empty bottle hit the floor I am reassured. Warmth within a few blinks taunts me. Each one drawn out. Breath heavy too heavy. A lazy smirk followed by a sigh of relief.