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“Like a glass full of vodka gummy bears, scoop one out at a time until the room spins.”

-J. Pierce

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Lost and Found

Last drop falls to the floorThe essence of a sad lifeHanging rusted from the doorThe beginning of another strifeDaring of you to enquireAlready bruised from prode and pokeBut what does she inspireA belted throat to chokeFound curious without a cause Pressed against the darkAnother slave to your gag clause A beautiful body found in theContinue reading “Lost and Found”

Funny Motherfuckers

Said I would like to get to know you better, Knowing your silly antics only makes me wetterAsked would I ever write one for you, Its about that time so surprise boo Excuses started rolling off your tongueGuess you had me confused for sprungReally didn’t take long to catch onSo thank my other nigga, enchiladasContinue reading “Funny Motherfuckers”


Left hot to the touchFollowing that bricked path to get happyThat’s what you always dreamt ofTo find a burning love tucked awayYet perched on a high and mightyBuilding up to a kingdom of BathoryTakes more to break down that wallA rising anticipation againHeld back waiting for the meltThen getting lost in cloud after cloudNever counting,Continue reading “Porcelain”

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