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“Like a glass full of vodka gummy bears, scoop one out at a time until the room spins.”

-J. Pierce

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Left hot to the touchFollowing that bricked path to get happyThat’s what you always dreamt ofTo find a burning love tucked awayYet perched on a high and mightyBuilding up to a kingdom of BathoryTakes more to break down that wallA rising anticipation againHeld back waiting for the meltThen getting lost in cloud after cloudNever counting,Continue reading “Porcelain”

An actual beginning.

Um… I’m thinking about starting a section for my portfolio… Need to turn one in for class and been procrastinating pretty bad on the whole course. I have a few papers I can add to it but I can’t seem to muster up the gumph to upload anything. Where does this self doubt come from?Continue reading “An actual beginning.”

Nasty Butt

Thank the heavens above he was in the bathroom

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